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Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

Every year thousands of individuals and families suffer death or serious injury caused by trucks, other large commercial vehicles and SUVs.

The number of large trucks, semi-trucks and 18-wheelers involved in truck accident collisions causing serious injuries or Michigan wrongful deaths has increased over the years due to factors such as driver fatigue, intoxication, driver error, equipment failure, unsafe vehicle operation, large or unstable loads, or defective equipment.  This leads to the necessity of contacting Michigan truck accident lawyers.  

When a tractor trailer or large truck accident collision occurs, it often results in Michigan wrongful death, brain damage, paralysis or other serious personal injury. The cause of a truck accident catastrophe may not be evident at first. Proper legal handling requires a thorough investigation of the scene, the vehicles involved, the people involved and a careful review of federal and state laws and regulations which apply to a specific case.  When you are looking for a Michigan truck accident lawyer, look no further than Chambers Steiner & Sturm, P.L.C. We practice personal injury law throughout Michigan with our main office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our practice is devoted to serious personal injury and Michigan wrongful death, with emphasis on truck accidents and motor vehicle collisions.  

Our Michigan truck accident lawyers understand that truck accident cases are often much more complex than automobile collision cases or other types of personal injuries. There are highly technical state and federal regulations applicable to trucks and commercial vehicles. These regulations frequently do not apply to personal auto accidents, but these regulations can form a legal basis for liability in truck accident cases. The unique method of truck operations and the sheer size of these huge rigs often make handling these truck accident cases difficult and unique.  

Equipment maintenance issues and inspection deficiencies along with deficiencies in the selection, retention and training of truck drivers, if proven, can enhance the value of a truck accident claim. Failure by the trucking company or fleet managers to implement and enforce a safety program can also substantially increase the value of a claim against a negligent truck driver.  So, when you are dealing with Michigan wrongful death or serious personal injury and need a Michigan truck accident lawyer, call Chambers Steiner and Sturm, P.L.C.

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